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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hilchot Star Wars

Star Wars may be known for many things (don't get me started on the new episodes) but an attention to Halachah isn't one of them. Take for example every single lightsaber battle. The law of putting up a fence on a roof (which certainly applies to a giant hole in the floor) is continually ignored. Also Quidon or whoever gambles with Anakins master for Anakin's freedom he is not only possibly violating a Torah command of lifnai ivar but also making himself an invalid witness. However these are Halachic points not in dispute. The real questions come up with the Jedi powers. For example is a spaceship allowed to be moved on Shabbos or is it muktzah and forbidden to move with the Force. According to the explanation given in Star Wars the Force is really symbiotic creatures who you can use to gain the Force. The question is if these creatures are the ones using the Force or if they merely activate an individuals latent abilities in the Force. If the creatures are using the Force it would be forbidden to use the Force on Shabbas because of the passuk Atah Uvehamtecha (You and your animal) however if these creatures activate a latent ability then lifting the spaceship would be done kliachar yad and would be permitted on Shabbas because it is only a Rabbinical violation of a Rabbinical decree. A final question is if it is permissible to slaughter an animal for kosher consumption with a lightsaber? It appears that there wouldn't be a problem but it is a moot question because you couldn't get the blood out of the animal because the lightsaber instantly cauterizes what it cuts.


Blogger Tobie said...

Not even kl'achar yad, Mike, it's moving with something other than your hands and that's fine- if moving with feet is good, kal v'chomer latent blood powers.

Anyways, Mike, your prolificness is putting some of us to shame. But it's entertaining, so I forgive you.

11:23 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

How can somebody move a spaceship except with the Force. I would say using the Force is the natural way, and doing buttons is the strange way.

10:20 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

Ever heard of a crane?

10:22 PM  

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